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Michael Groom is a Professional Speaker and mountain climber and is unquestionably one of the world’s greatest'big mountain climbers.

In 1995 he became the fourth person in the world to climb the four highest mountains without the assistance of bottled oxygen and in 1999 he successfully climbed Makalu, the smallest but for Michael, the last of the 'big five' - the five highest mountains in the world. Makalu, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, K2 and Everest - Michael climbed them all without the assistance of bottled oxygen, and all but Kangchenjunga he climbed without the front third of both feet.

Michael shares his wealth of knowledge and first hand experiences as a Motivational Speaker. Michael has assisted soldiers going off to war, supported athletes struggling to come back from serious injury and with his powerful story of human endurance he has advised professional  people how to get closer to the truth of "no pain no gain".

He is also available to speak to any group who would like to hear his amazing story.

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Nepal/China (Tibet), 8848m

After a failed attempt in the spring climbing season of 1991 he returned later that year only to be struck by an avalanche and fall 900m down the upper slopes of Everest. He finally climbed Everest on his third attempt, without oxygen, in1993



Pakistan/China, 8611m

In 1994 Michael and his teammates almost made the second ascent of the difficult SSE Spur. Turning around unknowingly only 40m from the summit due to nightfall. He reached the summit two weeks later via the Abruzzi Ridge



Nepal/India, 8586m

Alone at 8400m Michael turned around from the summit of Kangchenjunga in 1986 but returned in 1987 to stand on the summit on the 10th October with John Coulton



Nepal/China (Tibet), 8516m

In 1995 Michael Groom reached the summit of Lhotse with Veikka Gustafsson making him the 4th person in the world to climb the four highest mountains.



Nepal/China (Tibet), 8463m

With two failed expeditions in 1993 and 1995 Michael returned in 1999. But Makalu was proving to be a frustrating climb and after two failed summit attempts during the 99 expedition Michael, at last, reached the summit with Dave Bridges on 16th May.

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